Novemeber 18, 2022 - November 20, 2022


All in all, you’re sure to become your own boss, deciding what you want to do whenever you want..

Get ready to make part-time or full time income by freelancing! If you have a passion for your craft, you can become an online freelancer working with clients at comfort of your own home. By showing you how to create a winning proposal, build a successful freelancing career and revealing how clients think, this program will have you making income in no time working with high paying international clients.

Through 3 days BootCamp you'll learn how to build an effective proposal that clients can't resist to open. In the section on Proposal Basic, I'll show you the beginning steps in creating a master, professional proposal including how to read a job ad. Next, you'll learn what clients think when hiring on Upwork which is one of the key factors. Finally, you get to spy on your competition and see an example proposal and how its re-written into a highly effective proposal. Upon completion of this BootCamp, you'll know how to create an effective proposal, right down to greeting, proposal title, portfolio.
***Plus, you'll have access to bonus materials to help you take your online freelancing career to the next level. When you finish this course, you'll feel confident to send in your proposals for your dream jobs, and have access to a community of other online freelancers so you can continue to gain more insight for success.

What YOu Stand to Learn:

  • How to create and approve your upwork account
  • How to earn on Upwork with the little skill you have
  • How to build and irrestible Profile
  • Mistakes you shuold avoid
  • How to withdraw your Earning Directly to your Bank Account
  • and many more

Who is BootCampis for:

  • Freelancers and people that want to work from home or around the world.
  • People that want freedom from their typical 9-5
  • People want to learn new ideas and systems

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